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    1. Apparatus Inventory

      Custom Buillt Since 1947.

      10-FOOT RESPONSE ONE #S760


      ? Ford F-450 XL Super Cab 4×4 DRW Chassis
      ? Ford 6.8L V-10, 288-HP Gasoline Engine
      ? Ford TorqShift 6-speed Automatic Transmission
      ? Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Body and sub-frame
      ? ROM Painted Roll Up Doors
      ? Reese type rear trailer hitch with electrical connections
      ? 1000-lb rear roll out compartment tray
      ? Turtle Tile on shelves and/or trays in each compartment
      ? Floor mounted console for emergency switches, cab
      ? Progressive Dynamics on-board battery charger
      ? Kussmaul Super Auto Eject 120-volt shoreline connection
      ? Honda 5000-watt gasoline generator with 120-volt electrical system
      ? Command Light Knight light tower with six (6) FRC Spectra 220-watt LED lights
      ? Whelen Electronic Siren with 100-watt Whelen speaker
      ? Whelen LED Warning Light Package
      ? Chevron pattern striping, rear
      ? 8’ 1” Overall height
      ? 22’ 4” Overall length
      ? 168” Wheelbase
      ? 60” Cab to Axle
      ? 5,200 FAWR
      ? 12,880 RAWR
      ? 16,500 GVWR

      Year: 2018
      Make: Alexis Fire Equipment
      Model: Response One
      Chassis: Ford F-450 XL
      Body Style: Response One
      Exterior Color: White
      New Delivery: New Delivery

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