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    1. Apparatus Inventory

      Custom Buillt Since 1947.

      3000 Gallon Hawk Series Tanker Refurb Project #RE2376

      Sherrard Fire Protection District - Sherrard IL
      Modifications Completed:
      • New Freightliner 6 x 6 Step Frame Chassis
      • New 3000 Gallon APR Wetside Painted Poly Tank
      • New PTO driven transfer pumping system
      • New Aluminum Hawk Series Body/Painted Fender Panels
      • Electric Controlled 10” Swivel Chute Dump Valve
      • New Whelen LED warning lights
      • Dual Zico Painted Drop Down Portable Tank Brackets
      • New Stainless Steel Pump Module w/Cross Lay Hose Beds
      • New Satin Finish Roll Up Doors
      • LED 12v Scene Lights
      • Back Up Camera
      • Custom Front Bumper Ext w/Aux LED Headlights
      • V Mux Multiplex Electrical System w/Custom Console


      Make: Collision and Remount Center
      Model: Tanker
      Chassis: Commercial
      Body Style: Hawk Tanker
      Tank Size: 3000
      Exterior Color: Red
      New Delivery: New Delivery
      Program Vehicle: Hawk Tanker
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