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    1. Apparatus Inventory

      Custom Buillt Since 1947.

      Ambulance #A243


      Chassis: 2015 Dodge 5500 4 x 4
      Engine: 6.7 L
      Transmission: 6-speed automatic
      Suspension: Liquid Spring
      Auto Shade windows
      Module Body: 172 x 96 x 72″ HR
      Body Drop 3″ both sides
      Electric Locks: Full Mod
      Interior head room: 72″
      Warning Lights: Whelen M9 LED
      LED Rope Lights all compartments
      Custom console in cab
      Circuit Board: RMR
      Tire valve Extensions, S/S Braided, Dual Rear Wheels
      Shoreline: 20amp auto eject
      Backup Camera: VCMS1401
      Inverter: Vanner Model 20-1050
      Air Horns: Buell, Activation switch in console
      Siren: Whelen, WS295HFSC9
      Speaker, Whelen SAK40/SAK41
      Mica Color: Matt Gray
      Upholstery: Light Gray
      Attendant Seat: EVS, 3- point belt
      Seat Base: Metal covered base
      Flooring: Lonfloor, Flecks # 500
      Cot Mount: Center mount
      6-point restraint system
      Grab rail: Recessed
      GVWR: 18,000
      Front: 7,000
      Rear: 13,500

      Year: 2016
      Make: AEV
      Model: Ambulance
      Exterior Color: Red
      New Delivery: New Delivery
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