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    1. Apparatus Inventory

      Custom Buillt Since 1947.


      • 2017 Dodge 5500 4×4
      • 6.7L Cummins I-6 Turbo Diesel 6 Speed Automatic
      • 12v RMR Rail System with Two Patient Area Control Panels
      • Liquid Spring Rear Suspension with Kneeling Feature
      • Custom Center Console
      • AEV Extruded Aluminum Body with 6” Body Drop
      • Ducted A/C with 2nd A/C Compressor
      • Front of Mod Condenser Wedge
      • Front Diamond Plate Stone Guards
      • Exterior Compartments Diamond Plate
      • Vista LED Rope Lighting
      • Compartment Locking with OEM Fobs
      • PIN Pad by Curb Door
      • Solid Wood X-Design Restocking Compartments
      • ROM Roll Up ALS Door with Card Reader Access
      • 6 point Attendant Restraints
      • X-Design Flat Ceiling with LED Light Rail (Red/White)
      • AEV X-Design Auto Shade Windows
      • Smithworks IV Warmer Tray
      • Stryker 6390 Power Load System
      • EVS Attendant Seat with Swivel Base
      • Whelen M6 LED Warning Lights and Traffic Advisor
      • Whelen Pioneer Scene Lights
      • Whelen M6 Front Modular Turn Indicators
      • OEM Integrated Backup Camera
      • Electric O2 with Zico O2 Lift
      • Intelitec Digital Clock
      • Inverter/Battery Charger/Shoreline
      • Whelen Duel Siren/Speakers
      • Buell Air Horns
      • 172” x 96” x 74” Headroom
      • FAWR: 7,000
      • RAWR: 13,500
      • GVWR: 18,000
      Year: 2017
      Make: AEV
      Model: Ambulance
      Exterior Color: Red
      New Delivery: New Delivery

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